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GREUCEANU – NOVEL WITH A POLICEMAN by Stelian Turlea - 15 January 2015

Available NOW on Kindle. Paperback out soon.
£2.99; Profusion (London, 2015); ISBN-13: 978-0956867667
Translated from the Romanian by Ramona Mitrica, Mike Phillips and Mihai Risnoveanu

“Writer and philosopher Stelian Turlea based his crime fiction GREUCEANU on a well-known Romanian fairytale, in which the eponymous hero battles with a number of Zmei [ogres], to bring back to the skies the sun which they had stolen. The novel transposes the fairytale to the reality of a provincial town which has been taken over by gangsters, now the town's masters. Greuceanu is a young policeman, at the bottom of the ladder. By chance, he gets rid of one of the feared gangsters, whose brothers and their wives come after him.

With the unerring instinct of a popular children’s author, Turlea locates, in GREUCEANU, one of the major Pan-European issues in contemporary times, the problem of organised crime. Turlea’s villains are not moustachioed banditos. Instead they are the brothers and sisters of gangsters in every European city centre, and playing as he does with the characters of the town, he explores a number of insights into the role of organised crime in post-Accession civic life.” 
(Mike Phillips, CWA Silver Dagger winner and author of Rîmaru - Butcher of Bucharest)

Greuceanu - Novel with a Policeman is Stelian Turlea’s first novel published in English. Published originally in Romanian as “GREUCEANU – roman (cu un) politist” (Crime Scene Publishing, 2010).

About the author
Born in January 1946, Stelian Turlea studied Philology (1968) and Philosophy (1976) in Bucharest. For nearly three decades, he has been editor on external affairs (“Lumea” magazine). After 1989, he coordinated “Lumea”, “Zig-Zag”, and “Meridian” magazines, and worked in television as Head of Antena 1 News Department. He has been working for ProTV since 1996 and, since 2000, he has been a senior editor for “Ziarul de duminică”.

He is the author of eighteen novels, ten books on journalism, nine books for children and two translations. He has coordinated six photo albums (a three-volume album about Bucharest during the reign of Carol I; other albums are: The public works during the reign of Carol I; The Palace of the Patriarchy; The Royal Palace; B.N.R. – Chronicle of the Old Palace Restoration; The Financial-Banking, Historical Centre of Bucharest).

He received the Writers’ Union Award for Children's Literature (2003), the Romanian Editors’ Association Award for Children's Literature (2005), the Writers’ Union Special Award (2006) and the Bucharest Writers’ Association Award (2007), Flacăra Prize for Literature (2011). He was nominated for the Writers’ Union Award for Children's Literature in 2000 and the AER Novel Award in 2003.

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Stelian Turlea - GREUCEANU – Novel with a Policeman
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