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What to read this Christmas?

Something... thrilling, exciting, action-packed, gripping, riveting, fascinating, hair-raising, stimulating, moving, inspiring, electrifying and passionate:

“Report on the State of Loneliness” by Augustin Buzura
“Attack in the Library” by George Arion
“Rimaru - Butcher of Bucharest” by Mike Phillips and Stejarel Olaru
“The Innocent and Collateral Victims of a Bloody War with Russia” by Liviu Antonesei
“Greuceanu – Novel with a Policeman” by Stelian Turlea
“Kill the General” by Bogdan Hrib
“Anatomical Clues” by Oana Stoica-Mujea

Available from Profusion Books, on Kindle and in paperback. 
Translated from the Romanian by Ramona Mitrica, Mike Phillips and Mihai Risnoveanu 

Photo: Laura Lazar 

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