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The Dancing Face by Mike Phillips to be published by Penguin - 29 October 2020

The Dancing Face by MikePhillips

The Dancing Face 
by Mike Phillips to be published by Penguin

‘This book is brutal, deep, cunning and unbearably beautiful’ Independent

"Phillips offers an insight into Black Britain while raising issues of international interest in a fast moving thriller." Phillip Knightley, Mail on Sunday


The Dancing Face

A sensational, original thriller that examines the powerful link between identity, sacrifice and possession, and questions our compulsive need to chase after ambitions that leave devastation in their wake.

University lecturer Gus knows that stealing the priceless Benin mask, The Dancing Face, from a museum at the heart of the British establishment will gain an avalanche of attention. Which is exactly what he wants.

But such a risky theft will also inevitably capture the attention of characters with more money, more power, and fewer morals.

Naively entangling his loved ones in his increasingly dangerous pursuit of righteous reparation, is Gus prepared for what it will cost him?

Imprint: Penguin, Publication date: 04/02/2021, ISBN: 9780241482674, Length: 256 pages, RRP: £8.99

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