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Readers' Views for Attack in the Library

From fans of crime fiction across the spectrum

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"The tale swerves constantly and confidently between thriller and social satire. [...] Mladin has a sarcastic and self-critical wit that makes him irresistible."

Howard Jackson

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"...the main delight of this book is its social context: it was written at a time when the ghastly Ceaușescus were in power and the state controlled everything. Arion’s book is a brilliantly ironic satire on this system."

Maxine Clarke

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"I first met Attack in the Library in the original when I was a teenager, and now I discovered it translated in English. It feels as fresh as the original, and it is only now in reading it again that I appreciate fully its importance as a crime novel of the best kind."

Adrian C

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"I discovered a truly amazing book, funny and dead serious in the same time. George Arion produced an intriguing novel, a “whodunnit” overshadowed by danger throughout but illuminated by sparkling, unstoppable humour. "

Mistrecul from Think Books blog

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"A surprise discovery from behind the Iron Curtain [...] this is a brilliant translation."

Carmen Campeanu

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